About NMS

The Number Management Service (NMS) is a multi-faceted service built for the management (creation, allocation, billing and retrieval) of large number inventories. The system is efficient, customizable and flexible enough to manage numerous number and data types and combinations. As part of the NMS, there is a number query feature that allows 3rd parties through API, FTP or HTTP to query the various databases and check their data against that of the NMS. The Number Allocation Management system is included for easy allocation, management and redistribution of various number/data types stored in the database and a “Do Not Call Registry” is included for number/email registration to avoid unwanted calls/txt messages or emails.

Utilization of either one or all three of the services ensures the accurate management of your number data and reduction in costs associated with management or delivery of services to the associated numbers and clients. The solution is available for custom number types and data formats and is easily configurable for private access and management or public access to the aforementioned datasets in a seamless and effortless manner.

A number of challenges faced by Regulators, Service Providers, Businesses and Operators today as it relates to number management include:

  • Efficiently and accurately managing their acquired or designated number inventory.
  • Planning number utilization effectively, to not run out of numbers that can be assigned to new customers.
  • Proving that utilization targets have been met in order to have additional numbers assigned.
  • Allocating or assigning an already active number/ID to another customer.
  • Generating reports on the different number types and associated data they are managing.
  • Accurately knowing the status of numbers/clients at any time.
  • Ability to move numbers from one customer to another while managing the process and requirements.
  • Securing the data and access to the data associated with the numbers.
Our number management service helps to curb these challenges through a web based approach for number management. It offers a centralized number database to effortlessly assign, easily search, connect and manage numbering resource inventories associated with the different services offered by various organizations Our Number Management Service is classified into these three categories:
  • Number Allocation Manager
  • All Number Query
  • Do Not Call


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