All Number Query ANQ

A number search engine developed to provide easy and quick access to information on various number/data resources. With the advent of Mobile Number Portability, the freedom of information act along with the simple desire for more efficient and effective performance of duties, there is a very relevant need for accessing specific number information accurately and in real-time. The ANQ solution was setup initially to help resolve the issues caused by Number Portability. These issues were caused because number portability allowed subscribers to port a mobile number from one network to another. This meant that the standard number ranges for specific operators were no longer relevant. The ANQ solution helped to properly identify the network that specific numbers belonged to. While that was the initial start, the solution has now been expanded to properly and accurately identify different number types such as BVN, TINS, RC#’s etc and the information associated with them. The system has also been expanded to include number range for other countries that have implemented Mobile Number Portability as well as other information such as short codes. The ANQ service allows third parties, through the API, HTTP and FTP channels to query the database and check their data against that of the application. The service can be used as a real time check before routing calls, a means of updating existing databases for future service delivery or a means of validating records and information submitted for approval.


  • User/ Client Account Management.
  • Multi-search channel compatibility (GUI, API and FTP).
  • Number type and location criteria-based searches.
  • Rating – Slab rating and dedicated flat rating.
  • Easy file upload/ download (in .CSV format).
  • Manual/ Automatic Number upload.
  • High-speed number query (Daily number search capability in millions).
  • Automatic pre-paid billing and Invoice generation.
  • Free Single-number search option.
  • Online Payment and Settlements.
  • Robust email/SMS notification system.
  • Daily Account reconciliation.
  • Audit trail.
  • Per-volume search discounts.
  • Access to Search History information.
  • API response through XML or JSON.
  • Ported numbers search
  • Customization available…


  • Accurate management of number data.
  • Reduction in costs associated with management or delivery of services to the associated numbers.
  • It provides information on the Mobile Number Portability status of numbers.
  • Efficiency in the delivery of services to customers. It gives accurate information on the operator a number is subscribed to, thereby eliminating the possibility of errors.
  • High speed query.
  • Flexibility in carrying out number look ups via multiple channels (FTP, API, GUI).
  • Releases the burden of search operation on your server as your server resources remain free to fulfill other requests.
  • It keeps track of all users’ searches via the search history capability which can serve as input for other analysis.

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