All Number Query ANQ

A number query feature that allows 3rd parties through API, FTP or HTTP to query the database and check their data against that of the NMS

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Number Allocation manager NAM

A numbering resource management solution developed for service providers to help with the management (Allocation/ Retrieval) of large number inventories

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Do Not Call DNC

A nationwide registry of numbers and email addresses to help reduce or absolutely stop unwanted calls or texts.

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Our ANQ application is the ultimate if you want to:


  1. Do number look-ups via multiple channels (FTP, API, GUI).
  2. Do single /multiple number search in split seconds.
  3. Release the burden of search operation on your server.
  4. Efficiency in the delivery of services to customers.
  5. It gives accurate information on a number’s current status, and details thereby eliminating the possibility of errors.

Consider our Number Allocation Manager if you want to:


  1. Avoid customer dissatisfaction and risk of contractual liability due to duplicate allocations.
  2. Plan for future scale as it relates to growing volumes of numbers, numbering resources and requirements.
  3. Save time in monitoring and assigning number blocks on a centralized database
  4. Cut down operations costs by avoiding manual steps, redundancies, and errors
  5. Have a highly secure platform providing various levels of usage for various roles

Our DNC application exists to help you:


  1. Stop unwanted calls, texts and emails as a subscriber.
  2. Avoid the financial and reputational risk of sending messages to registered numbers as a telemarketer.
  3. Maintain standards and protect the rights of subscribers, as a regulatory body.

In addition, NMS offers you Unlimited user access, No Software Installation, No need for unnecessary consulting, Easy to use interface, requires no expertise for running the software and Cloud-based solution, saves you cost of hardware ownership